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Why Data Science?

The increasing number of data sources and growing data sets provide huge opportunities to use such data and its analysis to solve many problems. Along with the increase in data volume, the demand for educated specialists in the field of Data Science continues to grow.

Value of data and its processing

More and more organizations are opening up their doors for big data and try to unlock its power.

Data Science has become a revolutionary technology that every organization would like to use.

Data-driven approach allows the managers to analyze the phenomena objectively and make the rational decisions, therefore the course is the case study of utilizing data sources and data transformation into managerial information.

Lack of Data Science experts will sooner or later have very serious consequences for organizations.

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Too few specialists

Business needs analytical tools operated by skilled personnel in order to extract insights from unstructured data.

Data Science is the industry with the big skills gap. Data scientist is positioned as one of the top jobs as far as salary, work demand, and job satisfaction.

The data scientist role is becoming increasingly important as businesses rely more heavily on data analytics to drive decision-making as core component of their IT strategies.

Many organizations have vacant Data Science positions and estimate it takes months to fill such a position.

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Data Science professionals are needed now

Be prepared for your career!

Development of data processing technology

The data placed on the Internet can be a source of great value, but often remain unprocessed. The automation technology based on bots or AI digital workers, can be used for processing the data without manual intervention.

Development of data processing technology is readily available today more than ever. Companies' expenditures on data analytics technology and tools are constantly growing.

The question arises - where will this data/money go or who will analyse/earn it?

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What does our course offer?

Our studies are intended for people who want to turn data into business value

  • Meet inspiring academic staff who are leading experts in their field

  • Learn the methods and techniques that allow for Agile project management

  • Analyze the phenomena objectively and make the rational decisions

  • Learn frameworks for automated data analysis and sophisticated Python/R tools

  • Opportunity to work as a Data Science specialist

  • Become a business analytics team leader

Program of studies

Courses HRS
Quantitative Fundamentals 45
Data Analytics in Business 90
Data Integration for Business Intelligence 45
Programming for Data Science 45
Advanced Data Visualization 45
Marketing Analytics and Decision Making 30
Communication and Presentation Skills 15
Agile Project Management 30
Data-driven Business Management Project 45
Business Foreign Language 120
Machine Learning 45
NoSQL Databases 45
Robotic Process Automation 45
Advanced Programming 45
Qualitative data analysis 45
Explainable Artificial Intelligence 45


Regular Fee
1st year
2200 euro
Admission fee
20 euro
2nd year
2000 euro

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