Business statistics

Statistical concepts in business

The purpose of the lectures is to present selected statistical concepts and tests used in modern business. Statistics has become a crucial tool for modern companies that use data to make optimal decisions related to investment, process optimization, marketing management, human resources etc. Both primary and secondary data can be used in the business decision-making process. This lecture covers the following topics:

  1. Statistics in business
  2. Testing hypotheses
  3. Descriptive statistics
  4. Covariance and correlation
  5. Inferential statistics
  6. Regression models
  7. Advanced statistical models

The concept of workshops

“The need for business statistics has grown significantly in recent years, with the flood of various data coming from digital sources. The numerous case studies presented in the lectures help students to understand the role of business statistics in modern enterprises.” 

Data Science in Lublin

In Lublin you will find a lot of opportunities to develop your analytical skills and much more. See here:

dr Kamil Filipek, lecturer and course supervisor

dr Kamil Filipek

Data scientist, sociologist. He completed his postdoctoral fellowship at the Interdisciplinary Center for Mathematical and Computational Modeling of the University of Warsaw. Manager of research projects financed from the sources of the National Science Center and POIR. Recently, he has been involved in AI (NLP) projects for Polish and foreign technology companies. Author of publications in prestigious national and foreign journals.

mgr Arleta Kędra, workshop supervisor

mgr Arleta Kędra
mgr Arleta Kędra

She is a specialist of Statistics, Mathematical statistics, Econometrics, and Spatial econometrics.
In field of logistics, she teaches Statistics in logistics and Econometrics in logistic processes.
She had a wide experience in Statistical Workshop in classes for international students, taught in English, Forecasting and simulations
Introductory Econometrics and Analyzes in the statistical program R, including Sector analyses.

Analyzes classes in the R statistical program are conducted using the DataCamp platform.