Do you love numbers?

Numbers practicality

Of course, you do. Of course, because You are pretending to be a professional analyst. How do you understand numbers? What numbers do you think when you are considering studying Business Analytics in UMCS Lublin? How far is it? 3 456 km or 2 147.5 miles. Is it far or close? Can you cover it by car? How many hours does it take to drive or fly? 30 or 50 hours or 5 hours by plane? Is it a lot for you or just as regular trip you must consider in case of you study? What are the wages and fees? Can your family cover them? Are they attractive in comparison to studying in other countries? Is the country attractive? What is the city Lublin? Why are they attractive to you? Because it is the European Union of twenty-seven biggest European countries. Because it is a big commercial market of 447 million people and $16.6 trillion GDP. Can you imagine how big it is? Of course, you do because you are pretending to be a professional analyst.

Communicating numbers

Business analytics study not only allows you to study those numbers, understand them but also get to know how communicate them easily to your auditory. Let me give you some tips as a start.

If you are talking in big numbers, you should show them in same perspective easy to imagine. You know what time it takes to cover the distance of 100 km by car. In Europe and US, it is usually a little more than one hour, so having 3,456 km it takes minimum 34 hours, what is a 3-day drive by car. That means you also need to find accommodation for two nights. It is an adventure, I think. If you know that by plane you can cover 800 km per hour, it is still roughly 5 hours in the air. Of course, not as much as by car, but still, it is at least two times longer than we used to travel inside Europe, on business trips or for holidays. Now you have the perspective.

Traveling to central of Europe

But you don’t even necessarily need the numbers. It is enough to know that it takes longer or not than travelling inside Europe because – depending on where you are. If you are from Europe the trip is typically the same as you used to. But if you outside that still probably you know how long last travel to Europe because Poland is exactly in central.

Another tip for engaging data storytelling is to utilize the most understandable numbers like numbers from one to seven (1-7). People’s perception can easily excite even. When we are talking about Lublin population it is clearer for listeners to hear that it is something about 4 hundred thousand then goes exactly to number of 342 thousand people plus seventy thousand students (Lublin in numbers). Lublin 9 universities, including five public and four privates, which runs 148 courses of study, I and II-degree studies and uniform master’s studies, forty courses in III-degree studies, 4,500 foreigners from one hundred countries, and over 20,000 graduates each year. How to explain all this number you will learn on Business analytics study at Economy faculty in UMCS Lublin, where You are warmly welcomed.

Author. Mieczysław Pawłowski, based on Chip Heath and Karla Starr, Making Numbers count: The Art and Science of Communicating Numbers.